Chipo has experienced the world outside her comfort zone having spent years climbing the professional and academic ladder in the UK. She not only understands success but knows the pressure and stress that comes with the word. She also knows that when the rubber meets the road it becomes very difficult to maintain a balanced and healthy life and perspective.

To get to the top and to stay there, takes more than skill and acumen it takes emotional intelligence and the ability to maintain a healthy lifestyle and strong meaningful relationships. This is something nurtured deliberately and consciously over time.   With years of experience working in some of the most challenging business environments, Chipo brings practical real-world experience to her coaching, mentoring and speaking. Combining real experiences, personal stories accredited training and coaching tools, passion and humor she connects deeply with her audience and delivers transformation and inspirational talks.

Chipo is a recognized and trained project managed and has managed high profile events and projects working with and within high-performance teams in different sectors.

Candid Love

  • Achieving peak performance
    A radical approach to deepening and aligning teams to core objectives.
  • Executive care
    finding balance and harmony in high-pressure environments
  • Career Plus
  • Exploring and discovering purpose within your career and life beyond it

Connecting reaching and changing

At her core, Chipo believes in the transformative power of truth. You will know the truth and it will set you free. Beyond all attempts to grow change and attain external rewards the true essence of all Chipo does is to guide people of all walks of life to the truth of the gospel. Her passion is to see people brought to new life and meaning through the preaching and sharing of the Gospel.

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