Are you sitting in your office or at home drowning in endless meetings and deadlines?  Tired of endless ‘tasks’? It must be hard to find the time to recharge and refocus at home or at work? It must be hard maintaining your sanity?

From the mind blowing landscapes of Scotland, to the beaches of Cape Town, to the serene and calming mountains of Nyanga to the Wonder of Victoria Falls, CNK Corporate has retreats to recharge your batteries and super charge your life, by deliberately creating genuinely life changing experiences?

Anxiety and Depression Recovery Retreat

The retreats are aimed at individuals who want to move forward in life if you are struggling with Anxiety and Depression. You will come away with key skills to manage your thoughts and emotions as well as having the opportunity to be away from all the stresses and strains of life to reflect and re-evaluate where you are in your life. The team will guide you through this process. Following the retreat, as an option, you can receive 3 months of ongoing coaching to support you to implement everything that you learn on the retreat. We provide a 1-1 session prior to the retreat with a counsellor to guide you through the process and explore any key areas you need or want to address.

'Build your self-worth' retreat

This week is all about understanding where your self-worth comes from and how you have developed it in your life to bring you to where you are today using Christian foundations and principles. We will explore all the influencers you have for your self-worth and you can decide what you keep and what you leave behind. We support you in this process, so you come away with your own sense of self-worth and ability to use this in your life helping you to achieve without being held back by that inner critic. You will soar into life post this retreat with a new purpose and confidence.

'Create your vision' online retreat

Align with your true purpose, explore your subconscious to build a vision for your life going forward with the support of psychotherapists and spiritual coaches. On this one day retreat you will explore your vision for your life and truly connect with it on a subconscious level bringing you to a position where you automatically build it into your life and become the person you absolutely should be, aligned with your purpose and vision. This process has the impact of reducing stress, anxiety, and depression as you move into the life of your dreams. It is truly magical. An experience not to be missed.

The CAR Retreat

CAR is an acronym standing for Complete Thoughts, Accomplished Goals and Realised Purpose. This retreat is derived from a book written by Musekiwa Samuriwo called How to own Your CAR about discovering or rediscovering your purpose. Depending on the retreat package you choose this retreat is an opportunity to find that meaning you’re so desperately looking for.  Whatever the circumstances and challenges you’re facing the CAR retreat is an opportunity to choose to live forward.

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