Why I coach

Why do most of today’s successful entrepreneurs, leaders, CEOs, founders, executives, and busy professionals use the services of a business coach?

The answer is simple. My business clients work with me to up their game, get empowered and take their companies, careers, and personal lives to the next level. My clients know they will achieve much more, a lot more efficiently and effectively, with a coach.

I coach entrepreneurs, leaders and busy professionals in visions, values, strategy, mindset, soft skills, working relationships and goal achievement. My coaching will challenge you, but it will reap rewards in multiple ways. My wide business experience includes managing change and knowledge, managing people and relationships, process management, realising strategic benefits, increased profitability and managing the bottom line.

I have successfully mentored and coached individuals and teams in IT, banking, finance, accountancy, contract, pharmaceuticals, health & wellness, education, careers, PR & marketing, advertising, and the arts.


As an entrepreneur or leader your time is incredibly valuable. Business coaching gives you the space and time to work out what to do in major situations, such as growing your organization and handling any challenges. These are some of the major areas I work with:

Understanding the impact of your leadership style

Aligning your leadership strategy and style with your own personal values and self-image

Something urgent or exciting is at stake – a challenge, high-profile project, or opportunity

Clarifying your visions, values, and purpose

Improving human connections and relationships

Business modelling and planning for growth

Effectively managing the recruitment process – hiring the right staff before they start

Improving staff resilience and well-being

Identifying what strategic outcomes you want before investing in new IT or Change, so that potential benefits are achieved

The effect of external drivers, stakeholders, cultural, political, social, environmental, and economic factors on your business

Measuring the business value of change

Greater level of customer satisfaction

Identifying any barriers or blind spots to achieving desired success

Increased emotional intelligence

Improved work-life balance

What to do after you have sold your company – your next venture

Emotional intelligence (EI/EQ) and human connections are fundamental in leadership positions. There are several Harvard Studies about successful businesses making empathy a top priority. There is a direct correlation between empathy and impact on employee happiness, company growth, productivity, and increased profitability.


Maxwell Speakers Club

Helping Leaders communicate & connect more effectively. The Maxwell Speakers’ Club is the next best thing to being trained by John Maxwell him. We will watch and extract lessons from John’s live presentations and speeches. I will guide you through practical exercises to help you master your communication and become a better speaker. You will experience the same quality instruction used by John and Speaker Trainer, Roddy Galbraith, to train speakers all over the world through the John Maxwell Team. This package runs bi-weekly for 26 weeks and you can pay monthly $19.97 or annually $199.00

Pre-requisites: The willingness to grow yourself!

Online Tools Coaching Program

This package is for people who get the ‘tech blues.’ If technology is something that you need to level up your skills in and you want a patient Guide that can help you navigate the tools and systems needed to run your business, this is for you.  We focus on where you are so that you can be fully equipped with the clarity and confidence you need in your business. This program package has 6-schedule as you need coaching sessions. Basically, when you need technical coaching assistance, you can schedule your session. Prices start around $797.

 Pre-requisites: A ‘can-do’ attitude and willingness to do the work

Online Business Management

My online business management package includes a strategic overhaul of your online business model, with specific goals (email list growth, business automation, passive income product creation, new website design and implementation).


Pre-requisites: Existing business 6-months minimum and an ad budget available. Client must be willing to meet regularly for ongoing assignments and goals.  Typical timeframe 4, 8, or 12 weeks and prices start around $1K per month.

New Business Package

This package is for people who do not have a business yet but want to get started on the right foot! No wasting time and money on shiny objects. We work together to get your business started RIGHT, including branding, design, social media, and strategy. This package runs approximately 12 weeks, with a possibility of extending the contract if not all business systems are yet in place.

  • Clarifytheir services in a way that attracts high-paying clients.
  • Packageyour offers in a way that delivers massive value.
  • Createa lead magnet and email series that leave clients wanting to work with you.
  • Marketthemselves to their ideal customers and clients.
  • Create a steady flow of consistent clients & income with ease.

Prices start around $5K-7K Pre-requisites: The willingness to take immediate action to fully step into your purpose, experience more freedom, and generate consistent revenue in your business!

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